Corrales provides a great getaway and vacation spot

Taking family vacations is always a fun time, but something the most difficult part is deciding where you want to go. This goes for people who have slightly older children who are still too young to vacation on their own but have been enough times with the family that they’ve seen just about everything. Taking a holiday trip to an exotic beach resort is fun, but it’s pretty expensive and it might not be fun to sit around in the sun for every single vacation. Camping trips are always a lot of fun for everyone, but you don’t really get to relax sleeping outdoors and in sleeping bags. And while family trips across the country are educational and interesting, they can be pretty tiring and leave you feeling like you haven’t had a vacation at all.

If you are looking for something that is a little off the beaten path – something that will be interesting for your kids but equally relaxing for you as well, then you might think about taking a trip back into time. How can you do that? You can do that by visiting a pleasant village somewhere in small town USA. And if you are looking for such a vacation, you can’t really go wrong with a place called Corrales, New Mexico. Corrales is a city of about half a million, but within the city limits there is the Village of Corrales, which is a place all its own. This is an amazing small town with only 7,000 people living in it that offers you the beauty of nature, relaxation, luxury, fun, and education. It is a perfect place for the whole family to vacation, but it’s also great for a weekend get away with your partner or to even go on your own to relax and refill your batteries.

The Village of Corrales is located right on the Rio Grande River. It’s incredibly scenic and you’ll think that you are in a dream world visiting it. Green pastures, amazing scenery, orchards, vintage farm homes, all types of animals – it’s the perfect vision of small town America. Of course for the adults, you don’t have to worry about sleeping on a haystack or anything like that in Corrales. There are amazing and luxurious inns and bed and breakfasts where you can stay that are all modern and comfortable, even though they look like vintage farm homes.

The kids will have a lot of fun learning and exploring the village. There are many historical things to see and a lot of great Native American art and culture to be learned about. Not only that, but the kids will love interacting with the farm animals. It’s an especially great vacation for people who live in cities or metropolitan areas and have never seen things like this before. A trip to Corrales is like a trip through time to get a look at what small town life looked like in America hundreds of years ago.

Enjoy your stay in Corrales, New Mexico

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Relax and enjoy small-town America in Corrales

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